It has been said that the only thing that remains constant in this world is change. Even when we plan for it change is tough. Loss is hard. The feelings that surface and the adjustments that are required can feel overwhelming. The loss of a person, a job, a relationship, a pet, or our independent skills and abilities, can severly disrupt our sense of balance.

As a therapist with extensive experience assisting people through grief and loss, it might help to know that the fears, strong emotions and physical symptoms that accompany loss are both normal and will lessen over time. Each of our paths are rugged and different yet we can strive to be better and stronger for the journey. I have observed that grief can open the heart in profound ways and as a bereavement therapist one of my goals is to help you find comfort and meaning during these difficult times. While we cannot change the past, we will work together to find the support you need right now and the strengh and motivation for the challenges you face.

If you are looking for professional support, patience and guidance through a loss or other difficult situation or you are simply ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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